What's New

"An Oofy Baby Sees Fortunato's Side" has been accepted by Tahoma Literary Review
"Out" has been accepted by Dark Lane anthology (British)
"Knuckles"  now appears in the spring 2017 issue of Florida Review (print only)
"Cat Calls" now appears in the anthology Solstice Selects: Two Years of Diverse Voices (print only)
Mass Pike Quartet named runner up for Florida Review's Jeanne Leiby Chapbook Award  
"Cat Calls" wins Solstice's fiction competition
"Beast Music" now appears in the fall issue of FRiGG
"Tornado Baby" now appears in  Bop Dead City (available in print only)
Scenic Routes, a collection, was named a finalist for the Press 53 Award for Short Fiction
"Obligates" is now available in The Pinch, winter 2016 (print only)
"Queen of the Waves" is now available in The Georgia Review, winter, 2015 (print only)
"Cadge" now appears in issue 10 of EDGE (print only)
"X" now appears in issue 7 of Zymbol (print only)
"Diorama" is now available online at The Baltimore Review, summer, 2015
"Rule Ten" has been accepted by The Grapple Annual (Australia!)
Nag's Head--Stories, a collection, has been named a finalist for the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award sponsored by Snake Nation Press
The Rubery Book Award anthology Still Life (named for my first place story) is available at Amazon
Superstition Review has nominated "Still Life" for a 2015 Pushcart Prize
Nashville Review has nominated "Yodeling for Life" for a 2015 Pushcart Prize
Literary Orphans has nominated "Cherish the Muffin Top" for a 2015 Pushcart Prize
"Cherish the Muffin Top" is now available online in Literary Orphans
"Yodeling for Life" is now available online at Nashville Review
"The Wild Pandas of Chincoteague" now appears in Post Road, issue 27, print only available for purchase
"Karaoke for the Deaf" is now available online at Jersey Devil Press
"Roanoke" has been accepted by Silk Road Review
"Refugees of the Meximo Invasion" has been selected for the international anthology Love on the Road 2015, published by Malinki Press of Dublin, Ireland

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